Good Morning!

I create these images to cheer myself up
on difficult mornings.

I try to stick to the following guidelines:
– Take the pic on my way to work
– Do all image manipulation on my iPhone
– Post the image when I arrive at work
I break my rules occasionally, but that's what life's about.

byteengine good-morning-0
byteengine good-morning-1
byteengine good-morning-2
byteengine good-morning-3
byteengine good-morning-4
byteengine good-morning-5
byteengine good-morning-6
byteengine good-morning-7
byteengine good-morning-8
byteengine good-morning-9
byteengine good-morning-10
byteengine good-morning-11
byteengine good-morning-12
byteengine good-morning-13
byteengine good-morning-14
byteengine good-morning-15
byteengine good-morning-16
byteengine good-morning-17
byteengine good-morning-18
byteengine good-morning-19
byteengine good-morning-20
byteengine good-morning-21
byteengine good-morning-22
byteengine good-morning-23
byteengine good-morning-24
byteengine good-morning-25
byteengine good-morning-26
byteengine good-morning-27
byteengine good-morning-28
byteengine good-morning-29
byteengine good-morning-30
byteengine good-morning-31
byteengine good-morning-32

byteengine hanko